Professional Conference/Congress Organizer (PCO)

About This Project



Our goal is to make the most rewarding conference for both the delegates and the organizing committee. We can assist you in the process of assembling and executing a high quality conference program. As a professional conference organizer, we focus on planning, project administration, coordination between multiple venues, crowd management, and high quality technical execution of your professional program, spouse program and social gatherings.


Possibility are in various degrees involved in our clients conferences. In larger conferences or congresses, we can manage the project from A – Z. In smaller projects, we may only assist with a registration portal and invoicing, or however your organization is comfortable. We work on behalf of and in close cooperation with our clients, and give impartial advice on the best venue and the best vendors suited for your needs.
We work together with clients in developing conference concepts that can last for many years to come, and sometimes we help smaller clients and organizations with financial guarantees enabling them to host a conference without noteworthy risk.


For some projects we hold long-term contracts, with annually or biannually conferences and expos. For others we assist on one-time occasions in Bergen or other destinations in Norway.


Our experienced team can assist you with strategy and planning, project management, marketing and communication, sales, and planning expos and sponsorship packages, negotiations with various vendors, budgeting and accounting, administration for program committees, registration and service to speakers, delegates and VIPs. We tailor your registration portal in our flexible software, and offer you a custom-made app for your delegates at the event. If you do not have a webpage for your conference, we can offer an “event website” at a very low cost.
Our software administration tool has a digital platform where the program committee evaluates and scores the abstracts. The same tool helps us with easy and professional communication with potential and accepted speakers, all through the process before, during and after the conference.




Our goals when we create an event is to increase interest in attendance, catch the attendee’s attention in various ways and make it an unforgettable experience. We make sure every event will have a unique food and drink experience. We book entertainers that adds a unique element to the occasion.


We always listen closely to our clients need and ideas when we plan an event. We create it from scratch, how the guests feel and what they will experience from the time they receive the invitation to being greeted at the door and walking into the room. What will they hear, see, taste, touch and smell? When you plan an event from the outside, it should appear to your guests that it was flawless. Our team are always well prepared and organized. We make sure we have qualified staff for each task. We always do the most out of the set budget, and create reliable and safe solutions for your guests. Our staff is well trained in risk management assessments, and our work processes includes a deviation system.


Expos and Sponsorships


We confidently organize and cooperate with various partners and manage a wide range of exhibitions and fairs. To make sure that your exhibit is a complete success, we offer an interesting range of services, from location, websites, stand construction to press services and marketing. We have the ability to highlight the sponsors profiling in our conferences and events. We ensure the information provided to the market through our channels meet our sponsors marketing needs and identify future opportunities. Our sales team can assist you ensuring that the conference get the incomes that needed to become financial viable.


Bergen, Norway is Host City of the UCI Road World Championships 2017


Possibility AS is official partner for Bergen 2017. Our responsibilities includes all Hospitality and VIP events, Expo and Fan Zones as well as Meetings and Conferences during the UCI Road World Championships in September 2017.