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Experiences that create value!

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For many years we have described ourselves as an organizer of events, conferences and exhibitions. That description does not convey the whole truth any longer. Both our self and the business as a whole have been through a transformation. Our core activity today is to develop and execute an experience that creates value for our clients; Experiences that are entertaining, innovative, inspiring and engaging. And even more important, the experience must communicate the message that our clients want to deliver in a good and efficient manner – regardless if the message is directed towards our clients employees, or towards our clients customers.


Events, launch parties, conferences, exhibitions and seminars etc. still amounts as key elements of our business. These activities are chosen as strategic measures in what we define as our clients “experience-based communication”. Through the correct and efficient use of these measures, in combination with our experience, knowledge, and creative spirit, we create experiences that last. Experiences that last in the minds of both the guests and the companies behind the experience. Experiences that creates value.



We are located in Bergen, and are happy to assist you with your corporate event or conference in all parts of Norway, be it one of the larger cities, in the mountains or by the fjord. Alternatively, maybe a combination?


We can assist you in the process of assembling and executing a high quality conference program or corporate event. As your preferred PCO, we focus on planning, project administration, and coordination between multiple venues, crowd management, and high quality technical execution of your professional program and social gatherings.


We work on behalf of and in close cooperation with our clients, and give impartial advice on the best venue and the best vendors suited for your needs.


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Do you want to know more about how we can help you?

Give us a call on 415 02 096 or send us an email to arrange a meeting, ask for a specific offer or just to have a chat.